Let's get down to the cellular level

Where anaerobic Cutibacterium can’t escape the power of the oxygen nanobubble.

Nanobubbles—the next frontier in skincare

Nanobubbles—the next frontier in skincare

AO2 CLEAR combines the potent antibacterial properties of oxygen with the radical power of nanobubbles to get deep into individual pores and target the bacteria that cause acne.

AO2 CLEAR the triple threat for acne

  • Oxygena powerful antibacterial that is pure, natural, and the ideal opponent for anaerobic bacteria
  • Nanobubblesmeasured at one-billionth of a meter, they are 1000x smaller than your skin pores making them the ideal delivery system
  • Oxygen concentration gradienthigh oxygen concentration in AO2 Clear creates a dramatic gradient so the oxygenated nanobubbles can flood your pores and clear out the acne-causing bacteria

Acne prevention for everyone

Hormonal Acne

Sensitive skin

Teenage acne

Clean skin care

Pregnant or nursing

Acne prevention for everyone

Hormonal Acne

Sensitive Skin

Teenage acne

Clear skin care

Pregnant or nursing

Anaerobic bacteria is enemy number one

Cutibacterium acnes thrive in an environment devoid of oxygen inside our pores, feeding on naturally-occurring dead skin cells and sebum (oil). Our immune system fights back with inflammation causing the red, often painful bumps we know as acne. While your immune system can work wonders, the cellular battle can also leave your skin with pigment changes and scarring.

What makes AO2 CLEAR so effective is it doesn’t just dry up pimples like so many other products. AO2 Clear treats and prevents acne by targeting the bacteria that cause the pimples..

Oxygen nanobubbles kill anaerobic bacteria before inflammation starts

The nanoscopic size and power of AO2 CLEAR’s oxygen nanobubbles get deep into your pores, surrounding and eliminating the acne-causing bacteria on contact. Your immune system has nothing to fight and prevention becomes the cure. It’s a revolutionary approach to acne-treatment you can trust.

Oxygen nanobubbles kill anaerobic bacteria before inflammation starts

The nanoscopic size and power of AO2 CLEAR’s oxygen nanobubbles get deep into your pores, surrounding and eliminating the acne-causing bacteria on contact and preventing the growth of new ones. Your immune system has nothing to fight and prevention becomes the cure. It’s a revolutionary approach to acne treatment you can trust.

Patented nanotechnology

Clean vegan & cruelty-free

Dermatologist recommended

Patented nonotechnology

Clean vegan & cruelty-free

Dermatologist recommended

All the details from our Chief Science Officer, Zvi Yaniv, PhD.

All the details from our Chief Science Officer, Zvi Yaniv PhD.

“Oxygen is one of the most powerful chemical elements that our body's can use.”

My passion and interest in nanobubbles were precipitated for personal reasons. I developed a condition called peripheral neuropathy.  This is caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the nerve endings.  Because of my degree in physics and experience with nanotechnologies, I was able to create a “vehicle” to deliver oxygen nanobubbles through the skin to help my condition.

Knowing the power of oxygen, we are using this technology breakthrough to deliver oxygen through your pores to stop the proliferation of bacteria and drive higher cell turnover.  

Read more about the research and additional videos about A02 Clear on our Clinicians page.  

Acne relief portraits

 – Perla

 – Steve

 – Jenny

“I will say I have had no hormonal type acne since starting the product. Prior to, I had months of having difficulty managing it.”

– Lisa P., MD

“I will say I have had no hormonal type acne since starting the product. Prior to, I had months of having difficulty managing it.”

– Lisa P., MD

"I just started using AO2 a couple of weeks ago and I can already see a difference. My pores on and around my nose have gotten smaller and the tone of my face has really improved. It also feels really good during application and after I use it for the next couple of hours. My teenage kids also really like it and have noticed an improvement in their complexions. I look forward to using it each day."

— Sharon

"Total game changer. I’ve had sporadic issues with acne all my life… no more. Thanks to A02 now my skin is happy and healthy and clear, 100% of the time."

— Alex

"I love this product!!! I have been using it for 3 weeks now and, only after a few days, I noticed how clean and hydrated my skin felt. After one use my skin felt softer. I use it every morning and evening right after cleansing my face. I even started my husband on it and he also loves the way his skin feels after he puts it on. Go for it!!!!"

— Sonia

Science FAQs

Are nanobubbles safe for everyone?

Yes. AO2 Clear is completely safe for all people and all skin types. It’s even safe to use while pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive.

What results can I expect to see on my skin?

With consistent use your skin should be clearer, more hydrated, evenly textured, brighter, and overall healthier and better nourished. You should not experience the drying or irritation that accompanies many traditional acne products like Retin-A.

What side effects are associated with AO2 CLEAR?

Because AO2 Clear is only oxygen and distilled water, there is no potential for irritation or other adverse reactions.

Is skin purging real?

The short answer is no. You would be hard-pressed to find any discussion of skin purging in peer-reviewed medical literature.

Unfortunately, this notion has been perpetuated by the skincare world (and occasionally even by dermatologists in popular magazines/internet articles). It is a myth that the skin goes through a detox stage after the introduction of a new product. Toxins are generally not processed and released through the skin. Eliminating toxins is a job primarily for the liver and kidneys.

Now how did this theory of skin purging become so ingrained in the beauty world?

It is likely due to confusion with another well-documented and proven reaction known as retinization. This is an adjustment period that the skin may experience in response to an agent that affects skin turnover. As suggested by the name, this reaction most commonly occurs after starting a retinoid which is a derivative of Vitamin A. Tretinoin (Retin-A), retinol, adapalene (Differin), and isotretinoin (Accutane) are a few common examples. It can also occur with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. Redness and flaking are the classic features of retinization. If the application of the retinoid is not too frequent or intense, these symptoms should resolve within 3-4 weeks. Generally, breakouts are not common as part of this reaction unless the user is applying moisturizers to combat the dryness, and the moisturizers themselves are triggering the breakouts.

Where does AO2 Clear fit in?
We know that a low oxygen state can impede turnover of the lining of the skin pore leading to the formation of the blackhead. AO2 Clear delivers oxygen to the pore and, thus, corrects this turnover issue. So, in theory, a retinization-like adjustment period could occur while the skin acclimates to the new treatment. However, in our market study and from the data we have obtained since AO2 Clear came to market, we have found only isolated reports of dryness or irritation. Furthermore, it is unclear if the solution itself was the culprit. It is likely that the hydrating properties of oxygen account for the lack of irritation seen clinically.

What should you do if you notice any irritation after starting AO2 Clear?
It goes without saying that it is worth checking to make sure the irritation is not caused by another product or medication. Also consider the sponges: even though they are composed of pure cellulose without any additives, there is a small possibility that someone could react to them. We suggest substituting 100% cotton rounds (or some other product you know you tolerate) to apply the solution. If the irritation persists, then use AO2 Clear every other day and increase the use of a moisturizer you tolerate well. Remember, the retinization process is temporary and should resolve within a few weeks. If you’re still having issues beyond this timeframe, contact us to arrange a refund. Rest assured though—we haven’t had any users who followed the above suggestions and still noticed irritation.

What if I notice new breakouts after starting AO2 Clear?
This is likely not due to the process of retinization as breakouts are not a common feature. Some suggestions:
First, we recommend you incorporate AO2 Clear into your existing routine rather than replacing all other products at once. Sometimes, we are not aware that other steps in our skincare regimen might be helping with breakouts until they are withdrawn. As your skin improves with AO2 Clear, you can taper off other products in a gradual fashion. If you started another product or medication at the same time as AO2 Clear, make sure this is not the cause of the breakouts. Other pointers: Never reuse the sponges! Clean the tray with soap and water regularly. Store the tray and the unused sponges in the supplied pouch, Ziplock bag, or other sealed container as bacteria can be aerosolized in bathrooms and colonize any products left unprotected. (Most of us know not to leave our toothbrushes out for this reason.) Finally, be consistent! Using AO2 Clear regularly and switching to a new pouch every 2-3 weeks is the best way to optimize your results.

How is AO2 CLEAR different from other products that deliver oxygen to the skin?

AO2 Clear is the only topical acne treatment that contains just oxygen and distilled water. It’s also the only product to harness nanobubble technology for such an extraordinarily high gradient of oxygen concentration. No other product is as clean and powerful.

How long before I see results?

If using AO2 Clear consistently twice daily, you should start to see improvement within the first two weeks. Because oxygen acts as a natural antibacterial against the specific bacteria that causes acne inflammation, the preventative benefits act cumulatively—the longer you use the product, the more benefit you can expect to see—clarity, hydration, and even texture.

How exactly does the nanobubble gradient work?

The transfer of a gas like oxygen from one location to another depends on the difference, or gradient, in concentration between the two locations. If that gradient is significant, oxygen will move from the high-concentration one to the low-concentration one. In our case, the two locations are the skin surface and the skin pores. A good example of an oxygen gradient is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment is costly, cumbersome, and has the potential for serious side effects. AO2 uses the same principle of an oxygen gradient as hyperbaric therapy, but it’s convenient, low cost, and has no potential side effects.

Is AO2 CLEAR available to treat any other conditions?

The nanobubble technology is also in use for peripheral neuropathy under the name of NoxyPure, manufactured by Periphex Corp, our licensor.