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AO2 Clear

(68 customer reviews)

Just distilled water, billions of oxygen nanobubbles, and science—for healthier, more beautiful skin.

Perfect for:

  • Hormonal acne in women
  • Acne on sensitive skin that can’t tolerate traditional treatments
  • Adolescent acne that never fully went away in adulthood
  • Clean skincare enthusiasts seeking acne relief that’s free of synthetics and harsh chemicals

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Two flawless ingredients are all you need

Distilled Water

Oxygen Nanobubbles

Patented technology

Clean, vegan & cruelty-free

Dermatologist recommended


Board Certified Dermatologist, Valerie Hanft, MD.


A02 Clear Results in just 8 Weeks

AO2 Clear Results - 2x daily for 30 days & get clear!

“Before AO2 Clear, I tried every OTC and prescription treatment available and nothing ever fully cleared my skin. I was part of a clinical trial for a new laser therapeutic that I was also a non-responder for. I tried AO2 Clear after seeing Dr. Gendler post about it and I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but I’m getting married in a few months and had nothing to lose from trying something new. I saw a reduction in my acne in only 2 weeks, with my skin becoming 100% acne-free in only 8 weeks. This product really gave me part of my life back after over a decade of nothing working. I tell literally everyone I know about this product!!!”

AO2 Clear Results - 2x daily for 30 days & get clear!

“Before AO2 Clear, I tried every OTC and prescription treatment available and nothing ever fully cleared my skin. I was part of a clinical trial for a new laser therapeutic that I was also a non-responder for. I tried AO2 Clear after seeing Dr. Gendler post about it and I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but I’m getting married in a few months and had nothing to lose from trying something new. I saw a reduction in my acne in only 2 weeks, with my skin becoming 100% acne-free in only 8 weeks. This product really gave me part of my life back after over a decade of nothing working. I tell literally everyone I know about this product!!!”

Breakthrough skin science

Acne is caused by anaerobic bacteria that thrive in places with a critical lack of oxygen, e.g., your pores. Using revolutionary nanobubble technology, AO2 Clear delivers 100% pure oxygen deep into your pores to kill the inflammation-causing bacteria on contact. Our patented technology delivers more oxygen than any other treatment for unprecedented soothing and preventative results.

How-to-Use AO2

Is AO2 Clear safe for everyone?

Yes. AO2 Clear is completely safe for all people and all skin types. It’s even safe to use while pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive.

What results can I expect to see on my skin?

With consistent use your skin should be clearer, more hydrated, evenly textured, brighter, and overall healthier and better nourished. You should not experience the drying or irritation that accompanies many traditional acne products like Retin-A.

Do I have to give up my existing skin care routine to use AO2 Clear?

Nope! Because AO2 Clear is a unique and hyper clean product it fits right into your existing routine, whether that’s cleanse and go a multi-step regimen. Start with your favorite cleanser, then apply AO2 Clear and allow the solution to air dry. Don’t be afraid of a few drips, it will dry quickly and your face won’t be wet long. After that you can apply whatever creams or serums you like. 

What side effects are associated with AO2 Clear?

Because AO2 Clear is only oxygen and distilled water, there is no potential for irritation or other adverse reactions.

How often should I use AO2 Clear?

We recommend using it twice daily after washing and drying your face with a mild cleanser. Place your sponge into the tray and then squeeze the A02 Clear pouch saturating the sponge.  Each pouch is measured to provide 30 applications, twice daily for 15 days.

How long before I see results?

If using AO2 Clear consistently twice daily, you should start to see improvement within the first two weeks. Because oxygen acts as a natural antibacterial against the specific bacteria that causes acne inflammation the preventative benefits act cumulatively—the longer you use the product, the more benefit you can expect to see—clarity, hydration, and even texture.

Can I reuse sponges? What about the tray?

We recommend you use a fresh new sponge with each application. A previously used sponge can harbor bacteria (either removed from your skin during the AO2 application or aerosolized in the bathroom). If you reuse the same sponge later you are risking adding bacteria back to your skin surface.

Your sponge is also compostable so you don’t need to worry about filling up the landfill.  Toss them in your compost or the trash as they will biodegrade.

For the tray, you can reuse it. We recommend you wash the trays with soap and water and store them in a drawer or cabinet. Because they are not as porous as the sponges, a quick clean between uses will minimize any bacterial growth.

Can I use other acne treatments while using AO2 Clear?

Because AO2 Clear’s hyper clean formula consists of just distilled water and oxygen nanobubbles that clear and hydrate your skin you can use it in conjunction with other treatments. But, many of our study participants and customers found it unnecessary to continue their other treatments because of how effective and gentle AO2 Clear is on their skin. For advice on any prescription medication changes, please contact your medical or healthcare provider.

What is the shelf life of AO2 Clear?

AO2 Clear has a shelf life of 1 year if unopened and stored in a cool place. You will see the manufacturing date of your A02 on the back of each pouch on the bottom.

Once you open your A02 Clear pouch, it has a maximum efficacy of 20 days. It can be stored in your bathroom or the refrigerator depending on your preference. 

Each pouch contains 30 applications. We recommend you use AO2 Clear twice daily for 3o consecutive days for maximum benefit.  Also remember to use a fresh clean sponge with each applications.  

Do you recommend any different usage based on skin type or acne severity?

We find that people with sensitive skin or severe or very inflamed acne should apply using light pressure so as not to irritate your skin with the sponge texture. Those who don’t have sensitive skin and/or have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads can press more firmly for more exfoliation. For your personal medical concerns please seek the advice of your medical or healthcare provider.

Do I have to use the provided sponges for application?

The sponges are sized to hold the correct amount of AO2 Clear for each application making it easy to administer an equal amount twice daily for two weeks. 

The sponges have also been designed to give you gentle exfoliation that can help clear your pores of dead skin cells and make way for our oxygen nanobubbles to get to work. If you notice any persistent redness or irritation it is likely that your skin needs less exfoliation and we recommend switching to a cotton round or fine gauze instead.

How is AO2 Clear different from other products that deliver oxygen to the skin?

AO2 Clear is the only topical acne treatment that contains just oxygen and distilled water. It’s also the only product to harness nanobubble technology for such an extraordinarily high gradient of oxygen pressure. No other product is as clean and powerful.

What if I forget to put the cap back on the pouch?

Closing the cap quickly and tightly is a critical step in ensuring maximum product effectiveness for the duration of each two week pouch. If left open the nanobubbles will begin to rise to the surface and pop, decreasing oxygen concentration in the solution. Without a high oxygen concentration AO2 Clear will not work as well, so please close quickly and tightly. 

"Hands down one of the best acne/compromised skin products that I’ve used in a very long time. Works immediately to tackle the problem."

Eva Simmons – O’Brien., MD

"Hands down one of the best acne/compromised skin products that I’ve used in a very long time. Works immediately to tackle the problem."

– Eva Simmons – O’Brien., MD

Acne relief portraits

 – Perla

 – Steve

 – Jenny

Dr. Hanft’s advice: “Just add AO2 Clear to your existing routine.”


Whether you wash and go or have a multistep skin care regimen, all you need to do is apply AO2 Clear after cleansing and allow to dry. Just like our ingredient list, AO2 Clear is simple, clean, and ideal for all skin types.

Skin types that can benefit from AO2 CLEAR

    • Dull complexion
    • Skin irritated by other topicals (retinoids, hydroxy acids, etc)
    • Skin healing after a procedure such as laser or a peel

68 reviews for AO2 Clear

  1. Bryan W (verified owner)

    I have been using AO2 Clear for about 3 months consistently and my skin looks younger and healthier than it has in years. It has helped with my rosacea and after 10+ years of using Doxycycline, I have stopped taking it daily. AO2 Clear has made a very dramatic difference of my overall complexion. My adult acne has been reduced significantly.

  2. Sydney Young

    Love this product! It has been doing wonders for my skin. I highly recommend this product, and Dr. Hanft. She’s a great doctor that I trust implicitly!

  3. Sharon R. (verified owner)

    I just started using AO2 a couple of weeks ago and I can already see a difference. My pores on and around my nose have gotten smaller and the tone of my face has really improved. It also feels really good during application and after I use it for the next couple of hours. My teenage kids also really like it and have noticed an improvement in their complexions. I look forward to using it each day.

  4. Robin S.

    Definitely a game changer. I participated in the first market study and have been using it ever since. I have used so many products. Now I just wash my face and use AO2. My skin looks and feels better than it ever has with no irritation.

  5. Jessica S.

    I have been using AO2 for 3 months now and have noticed a significant difference in my complexion. My skin feels more hydrated and has a glow that I have tried to achieve with many different skin care products. I am typically prone to hormonal breakouts and have not had a breakout in the last 3 months! I have really enjoyed adding AO2 to my skin care routine and use it every morning and night.

  6. Mimi Levinson

    I got the AO2 for my teenage boy . He has been using AO2 for 4 weeks now. His skin is calmer and he is having less breakouts. I have been using the product as well. The product is so simple and clean. I see a big difference in my complexion! We both love AO2!

  7. Max S.

    I’ve been using AO2 for the last few weeks and can definitely see an improvement. My skin feels smoother, less oily, and more hydrated than it’s ever been.

  8. Kara Weber-Gale

    I’ve been using AO2 for 5 months now. With combination, sensitive skin – it’s simplified my routine. I’ve seen less breakouts and it’s reduced the healing time from hormonal breakouts by half. It’s refreshing to use morning and night.

  9. Tracey H.

    I have been using A02 for a few months and it is amazing. I had a facial peel recently and it was soothing to my skin. I feel like my face healed so much faster too. I love the way my skin feels with this product.

  10. Miranda

    My skin loves this product. My brain loves this product. So happy to have found AO2!

  11. Alex

    Total game changer. I’ve had sporadic issues with acne all my life… no more. Thanks to A02 now my skin is happy and healthy and clear, 100% of the time.

  12. Jake H

    After years of my only skin care routine consisting of using Dove 3-in-1 in the shower, I am amazed with AO2. It cleared up my acne immediately, is easy to use, and is extremely refreshing in the morning. I’ve never been one to have a big skin care routine in the morning, but that’s changed with A02.

  13. Hillary

    This has give me the best skin I’ve had in decades with fewer breakouts that clear up faster. Not only that, but for the very first time my skin has even tone, hydration, and texture, too. As someone who’s tried every other kind of product, this is the one. I can’t recommend AO2 Clear enough.

  14. Sonia Horowitz

    I love this product!!! I have been using it for 3 weeks now and, only after a few days, I noticed how clean and hydrated my skin felt. After one use my skin felt softer. I use it every morning and evening right after cleansing my face. I even started my husband on it and he also loves the way his skin feels after he puts it on. Go for it!!!!

  15. Becca T

    I love AO2!! Bought it to see if it could clear up break-outs on my skin. But completely hooked on the way it makes my skin look and feel. I quit using my [very expensive] toner and moisturizer. I just wash my face and apply AO2. Never been happier with the way i look and feel. Thank you.

  16. Briana

    I have struggled with hormonal acne along my jawline for years and have never found anything that could clear it up. I’ve been using A02 clear for about a month and my skin has truly never looked better. Not only has my hormonal acne cleared for the first time in forever it has also battled the texture on my forehead and left my skin looking moisturized. I definitely recommended trying this product out to see for yourself.

  17. Lauren

    Highly recommend. I am very skeptical of skin care products and was hesitant to go off the topical treatment my dermatologist prescribed me since my acne has broken out badly every time I attempted a more natural solution in the past. Since using A02 clear for the past few weeks I haven’t used my topical treatment once and my skin looks better than it did before. My skin also gets very dry in the winter, no matter what lotion I use. After using A02 one time I woke up with hydrated skin that lasted all day, without using any other product.

  18. TGE (verified owner)

    I saw a difference within first days! Prevents breakout and heals anything that shows up FAST. I was even in mexico with alot fo hear and very high humidity which would normally be a disaster…skin stayed clear. Soothing and my skin just keep getting healthier and smoother every day-Ive been using 2x a day for about 3 weeks now. Even oil non acne type bumps are disappearing. Fan for life.

  19. Cristiane Nunes dos Santos, MD (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for only a week but I am already very impressed by it! I have hormonal acne which is not easy to control. My pores look much cleaner and my skin feels a lot softer. I love the healthy look and how easy it feels to apply moisturizer afterwards. I will update my review after trying it for longer but I am very pleased with the results so far.

  20. Shelley (verified owner)

    My daughter and I are both seeing great results in just 2 weeks. It’s so easy to use.

  21. Diana Martinez

    I am in love with AO2! My skin is looking and feeling healthier! I used to rely so much on moisturizer and since I started using AO2 my skin feels more hydrated than ever!

  22. Keith McElroy

    I have always had very sensitive skin and since I added A02 to my daily routine, my face is less dry and less red. I am very impressed with the results of this product!!

  23. Isabella B

    AO2’s results were overnight for me! It’s such an easy one step solution to skincare, which I love as a woman with so many products it can be overwhelming at times. Persistent break outs, allergic reactions, I’ve tried AO2 on them all and it works every time where my other products won’t! It really is amazing how such a simple solution can have such huge results. I’ll be repurchasing again and again.

  24. Lauren Danser (verified owner)

    I’m on my 3rd week and I have tried a LOT of stuff to clear up my hormonal acne. Holy man this stuff works. Give it a few week but not only is it clearing up my acne it’s helping with the scaring to. It’s simple to use but is finally making my skin not painful anymore.

  25. Liza Soklove

    I love this product! I have suffered with adult acne, and after using Ao2 for less than a week, I saw a difference in my skin. It helped to heal my existing acne and has kept me from having more breakouts. I highly recommend Ao2

  26. Rose

    I Love A02 !!! I didn’t think I needed anything new in my routine . After only a couple of weeks using it twice a day , my skin feels and looks healthier , feels hydrated , brighter and cleaner. I am impressed with the results.

  27. Cristie (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for less than two weeks (twice a day) and I already see major improvements in my acne. My skin looks glowy and hydrated as well! Prior to using AO2 I was experiencing new clogged pores popping up everyday. I am so happy with the results and have recommended this product to others. Lastly, customer service has been super helpful! I’m really impressed by AO2!

  28. Diane Orlinsky, MD (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely magical! As a dermatologist, I was a bit skeptical that an oxygen product could help clear up my and my kids intermittent inflammatory acne. But we both used it and within a week our spots started to disappear. Also, we normally have post inflammatory erythema after the acne lesions resolve but not with AO2! No doubt I will be carrying this extraordinary product in my office within the next few weeks.

  29. Nina (verified owner)

    I got Ao2 Clear last month and I noticed that compared to the previous month my acne wasn’t as bad. Move forward a few weeks in and my skin is noticably clearer. I stopped using the water for 2 days and IMMEDIATELY I saw small irritations coming back. This stuff works exactly the way it says it does. Love it.

  30. Paige (verified owner)

    This is the only thing that cleared my acne after trying every prescription and OTC option on the market. (I was even part of a few clinical trials for acne!) This is such an easy to use product as well. My clogged pores and hormonal acne are 100% gone after only a few weeks of use. I’m recommending this to everyone I know!!

  31. RT (verified owner)

    This product saved my Skin from horrendous GLP-1 breakouts. I am over 50 and used to get stopped in the streets about my beautiful skin. After starting the infamous weight loss injections everyone loves, my skin went completely berserk. Breakouts and skin bumps everywhere, no RX creams helped. Dermatologist biopsied and said most likely drug related. My skin cleared up in 6 days of using A02 2xs a day. It’s a Godsend

  32. Kelsey

    I still don’t quite understand how this even works but it does! I started using Ao2 clear on a whim after finding it on an Instagram ad. I’m 30 years old and have struggled with acne all my life, but I’ve learned as I’ve aged that the gentlest treatments yield higher results for me. I thought what could be more gentle than water and a sponge so I ditched my other prescribed topical products to experiment. It’s been 3 weeks and my skin as cleared up so dramatically and the texture has greatly improved, even in areas that didn’t have any red inflammation.

    With all the highlights I just mentioned, I will say that it does leave my skin feeling slightly dry after use (I have dry combo skin though) so I just lather on a great moisturizer after morning and evening use.

    Looking forward to the next two weeks and beyond of further clearing!

  33. Reese (verified owner)

    I had horrible hormonal acne all over my cheeks when I started Ao2 clear. A lot of other reviewers saw results immediately. Though the treatment helped calm my skin down, I was not breakout-free until week 5. I am only getting small bumps from time to time now. No cysts! Stick with it if your acne is really bad, it will help! I am so thankful for Ao2 clear. Acne was wrecking my confidence and I refuse to get on Accutane. I hope it is sold in stores soon!

  34. Leiah Dahl

    I had my kids try AO2 for their acne treatment and they are so happy with the result! Thanks Dr. Hanft for recommending it!!!

  35. Lisa Bobbitt (verified owner)

    Perfection for my sensitive and PeriOral Dermatitis! I have completed one pouch, and my skin is loving A02 Clear. I purchased A02 Clear to see if it would help with my PD, and it has. The areas are calmer, less red, and less irritated. I hope after a few months use, it will be gone entirely. Side note: Since I pick my skin at times, A02 Clear speeded up the healing like nothing I’ve ever used before. I will continue to use this product and recommend it!

  36. S. Castle (verified owner)

    I never write reviews for products unless they are outstanding. I wish I had found this product earlier in life! My skin has been acne prone and sensitive my entire life, and I have tried everything offered by my dermatologist and spent a fortune in over-the-counter products. I was cautiously optimistic when I purchased A02 Clear, but after only a week it dramatically improved my skin. I am on my second week of use, and I have no acne, my skin is not irritated or dry, it looks fresh, clear and healthy. Honestly, my mind is blown! I will be a customer for life. This isn’t “just water”, it is an absolute miracle. If you are on the fence about purchasing AO2 Clear, I urge you to try it!

  37. M. Morris (verified owner)

    I have been using this for 4 weeks and it’s a miracle for someone with sensitive skin. I’ve had acne for decades and recently started have eczema on my face so I had stop using normal acne topicals. I tried this because it seemed like it couldn’t possibly irritate my skin. Not only did it not irritate my skin but my acne is finally clear and my skin feels softer. Thank you for this product. Im going to tell my dermatologist to recommend this to sensitive skin folks.

  38. Janet Newman

    AO2 has dramatically reduced the pore size on and around my nose, which I’m thrilled about! My skin feels so clean and hydrated after using it and my serums seem to absorb better too. I love that it’s nontoxic and gentle, yet so effective for all types of skin. Great product!

  39. Kirsten B. (verified owner)

    Both myself and my two daughters (in their early 20s) have been using AO2 Clear and absolutely love it! We are particular about not using chemically based products on our skin, and AO2 has been a wonderful chemical free alternative. I’m in my 40s and my skin is brighter, clearer and firmer after using it. My two daughters have struggled with hormonal acne and are enjoying much clearer skin after several weeks of use. Our whole family is so impressed!

  40. Zoe (verified owner)

    AO2 has saved my skin. I am in my 30s and have continued to suffer from acne (something I’d hoped would resolve with age). I have tried EVERYTHING – skin cycling, retinol, prescription acne creams, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, glycolic and salicylic acids, you name it. I started considering expensive laser treatments because I wasn’t sure what else to do. I’ve been using AO2 clear for ~6 weeks now and my acne is nearly gone. I use this product in the morning without cleansing my skin first and every night after cleansing, continuing with the rest of my routine after the AO2 has dried. This has become an absolute must for me.

  41. Kathy Tronolone (verified owner)

    AO2 Clear is amazing! I have tried everything in the last 30 years with little success. I decided to give this a chance and I am thrilled I have. My skin began clearing the very next day. Redness was diminished, old stubborn bumps started to slough and become smaller, pores reduced to nearly invisible. With in 2 months my skin was clear, soft and free of redness. Most days I don’t even wear make up. I can not be more thrilled or thankful. The simple ingredients eliminate worry about sensitivity and allergies or interactions. It’s hard to believe the improvements I see- it really does seem like magic. I open fresh pouches every two weeks to assure my skin is clear and have been liberally using it on my chest, back, and neck to enjoy the benefits of better skin texture, smooth and soft, clear skin that is hydrated and calm. I do think it is reducing wrinkles as well! I cannot thank you enough!
    I highly recommend this product to anyone that thought they would just have to spend life with bad skin or those just looking to improve texture, redness and tone. It really is amazing!!

  42. LL (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Ao2 for a couple weeks now and love the results. I live in NYC and have sensitive skin that broke out due to stress + June’s wildfire smoke/masking. Nothing helped to clear my skin until Ao2. Im getting married in August and feel confident that my skin will be healthy and clear. Thank you!

  43. Amelia Robinson

    I’ve been using AO2 clear now for four months, and it is completely and drastically changed the texture, appearance and pores within my skin! And truly a huge part of my daily routines!

  44. Kim Defazio (verified owner)

    I’m a 50 yr old mom w hormonal chin acne. It hasn’t responded to anything but after using this product for 30 days my chin is clear and when I did get one small breakout it cleared up and healed overnight.

  45. Allison (verified owner)

    I wanted to love this product, but the bottom line is it did nothing at all for my skin. It was like washing with plain water. Super disappointed and wouldn’t recommend.

  46. Leah

    I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m amazed by how quickly this product worked. I’ve struggled with a stubborn cystic acne nodule for 4 months now. My dermatologist put me on several antibiotics for it, but it still persisted after 2 months. After just four days of using Ao2 Clear, the nodule shrunk immensely. It’s almost gone after two weeks! I really wish I’d known about this product before making three trips to my doctor’s office.

  47. Mimi Spier

    I recently tried AO2 because I was recommended it for dry skin and big pours. I also had a weird breakout after traveling in Europe for 2 weeks. After just 3 days my acne was gone and after about 2 weeks I noticed a significant difference in hydration. I also was surprised to see if helped w my rosacea. I have not had a breakout since I started and I love the effect overall! I am all in on AO2

  48. Trudie (verified owner)

    I’m not exaggerating when I say we have tried *everything* under the sun to get my teen daughters acne under control. Different types of face wash, prescriptions, routine adjustments, etc. She’d make some progress and then have another flare. I saw an ad for AO2 and loved that it was just water and that there are no product interactions to worry about (especially with a teenager in the sun a lot). I swear you could see a difference after the first use, but two or three days in you could really see a change! After about two months of use, her skin is starting to heal up very well, and any new pimples she gets are significantly less red and heal much more quickly. Now that’s the breakouts are contained, her skin is looking so plump, hydrated, and glowy. She is a golfer, so sweat is a big factor—she keeps a pouch of AO2 in her gym bag and wipes her face down after practices. If you’re struggling to make any progress with your skin, I cannot recommend AO2 enough!! It’s hard to call anything a magic bullet, but this has been amazing step to beautiful skin!!

  49. Anna

    I bought this for my blackheads and it helped a little, but not incredibly so. The tray cracked, the bag wouldn’t open, in fact I eventually had to cut it open. It didn’t irritate my skin like many acne products but it didn’t remove my blackheads either. Overall, I would not recommend.

  50. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Can I give this product 10 stars?Where has this been all of my life?!
    I have been plagued by hormonal acne since I was a teenager (I just turned 40). I’ve tried just about everything.
    I saw AO2 Clear on an Instagram influencer’s page and decided to give it a try. All I can say is WOW! My skin has not been this clear or smooth since I was on antibiotics. I’ve only been using it for 4 days, but I started to notice a difference within 2 days. My foundation now just glides on because my skin is so smooth! I have always struggled with clogged pores that would ultimately turn into breakouts, but I can tell that my skin is not clogged underneath anymore by how smooth it is & I’ve had no new acne since starting this product. I absolutely love AO2 Clear! This should be sold everywhere. It’s also worth noting that I’ve never left a review for any product in my life until this one. I could not be happier with the way my skin looks. Please don’t ever stop making this product!

  51. Alex (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I’ve been using it for about three months now and it’s really really helped my hormonal acne. I still get a minor breakout or two during the month when my hormones shift, but it’s nothing like it was before I started using this.

    My only complaint/concern is the new packaging seems like it isn’t as good at keeping air out of the bag when the lid is off. The old packaging required a small squeeze to get the liquid to come out of the nozzle, like if you tipped it over without squeezing it would remain somewhat sealed. But the new nozzle is an open hole that allows the liquid to just pour right out once the lid is off. This surprised me since I read several times on the website about the importance of putting the lid right back on to prevent oxidation of the product. It’s made me question whether this batch is staying as potent as my other bags I had used.

    Probably not too big of a deal since I haven’t noticed yet that it’s been working differently on my skin compared to other months. But just something I’m very aware of now every time I open the package.

  52. Amanda (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! I tried it on a whim not expecting much, but I was so wrong. I had a breakout on my cheeks when I started using it, and within about 2 days it was all pretty much clear. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I can’t believe how clear my skin is. If I do have a pimple pop up, it’s gone within about a day. The other thing I was really surprised to see is that my face has a glow to it. It is more smooth and hydrated, and I wasn’t expecting that. I am a fan for life!

  53. Annie (verified owner)

    Very sad to say that this did not work for me. My skin was actually better prior to using and I thought I might be purging so ordered a second month, but had the same results. I followed the storage and usage instructions as described, but have broken out consistently in the past 7 weeks. I’m very happy for those it seems to work for, but didn’t help me at all sadly.

  54. Sam (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!! I have literally tried every acne product from ulta trying to find something that would help my skin. I could tell a difference after day one!!! I am so grateful I came across this product!! Just buy it!!!

  55. Carmen (verified owner)

    The cleanest clean. Love using this morning and night. Quick and easy!

  56. Emily A (verified owner)

    Although this did not cause any allergic reactions, it did more harm than good for my acne. I have PCOS and struggle with acne. I hoped this would work as I wanted a limited ingredient allergy free friendly skincare routine, but unfortunately I broke out worse than before. I wanted to give it at least 3 months but I couldn’t continue after 2.5 months. I have acne all over my face and neck in places I’ve never had issues before. I even tried using softer cotton rounds since I do have sensitive skin but that didn’t help. I wish I were one of the people this helped but I am not.

  57. Sarah Solt (verified owner)

    Wow, this product is incredible. When I first saw an ad on Instagram I actively thought to myself who would pay for water in a bag. Haha, me I would, AND go on to repurchase it. It did take a little while for me to see consistently clearer skin (around 3 months). In my mid twenties I have dealt with hormonal and subclinical acne (underneath the skin usually on the forehead). I have tried SO many things, Paula’s choice, oil cleansing, acids, you name it. This, this product is the only thing that has seriously tackled those pesky bumps & hormonal acne around the chin. Thank you for making this product. You have a customer for life.

  58. Megan (verified owner)

    I tried A02 on my 13 year old daughter, who deals with chronic acne, and it has worked miracles. Her skin is much clearer and she is feeling more confident in herself.

  59. KB (verified owner)

    I am 36 years old and have been suffering from hormonal acne my entire life. I’ve tried everything, even prescriptions and nothing has worked. AO2 Clear has literally cured me of my acne. I can’t believe it. I am beyond thankful for this life-changing product.

  60. RN

    I love the idea of this product, but it did not work for me at all. I really wanted it to be the miracle product that it seems to be for everyone else, but it made me break out pretty badly.

  61. Ashley (verified owner)

    I wanted to wait until I had been using this for at least 30 days before I left a review, and I have to say I am very impressed! I am a 31 year old woman with hormonal acne and VERY sensitive skin. I have to be very picky with skincare since it seems like everything makes me break out.

    I’ve been using this product twice a day as instructed. In the evenings I follow the AO2 with my other skincare but in the mornings this is the only thing I use (besides sunscreen). I started to really see a difference about 2 weeks into using it. I’m still getting some small breakouts but the overall texture and tone of my skin has improved so much — for the first time in a long time my skin feels normal and healthy. Thank you for making an acne product that doesn’t contain harsh, irritating ingredients. I will definitely continue to use this!

  62. Oksana (verified owner)

    I’ve been using AO2 for four weeks now and don’t see any changes on my skin. I was hoping it will help with my perioral dermatitis and with my acne breakouts. But I feel that I just bought a regular water. Such a bummer that I bought a 60 days supply right away.

  63. Ang (verified owner)

    Poor customer service and not risk free. After trying this product and getting down to the last little bit of the second pouch, my skin reacted harshly. Now that I have stopped using it, my skin has calmed down. I asked to return it and have only been emailed long explanations as to why I should keep using the product rather than honoring my request. So disappointing.

  64. Danni

    I saw this product being used for acne and thought I would try it for my rosacea to see if it would help with the small pimples and redness. I started to see a difference after 2 weeks of use. My small pimples have disappeared (unless I eat something that triggers them) and the redness of the rosacea has subsided. I try to source out the most non toxic skincare and AO2 is now added to my regime. So if you also struggle from rosacea, I would definitely give this product a try

  65. Alaa Shawi (verified owner)

    Wow. Just wow. I never go out of my way to write reviews but I’m just floored. It’s only been 2 weeks and what has me blown away is the way it calms my skin down, redness is significantly reduced by the next morning, AND somehow reduces scarring pigmentation so well!!

  66. Lana

    ao2 clear is a new staple product for me! I didn’t have the highest expectations just because I’ve tried so many different things for my acne, but ao2 clear has consistently made a dramatic improvement in my skin. for the first time ever my skin is ‘clear’ and I don’t have to deal with the constant stress of wondering when my next breakout will be.

  67. Emily Edelman (verified owner)

    AO2 is the best of the best!! It is SUPER easy to use and very effective at treating stubborn acne, acne scarring, and redness. It is now a staple in my nighttime routine. I am obsessed!!

  68. Nataliya Volyanska (verified owner)

    I am happy with what I am seeing so far. My skin is pretty much clear most of the time. It feels so gentle and healthy. It is completely stress free. Thank you for this.

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