AO2 Clear 30 Day Supply + 10 Travel Packs

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Be ready wherever you go with the A02 Clear Combo.  30-Day Supply + 10 Travel Packs.

I had horrible hormonal acne all over my cheeks when I started Ao2 clear. A lot of other reviewers saw results immediately. Though the treatment helped calm my skin down, I was not breakout-free until week 5. I am only getting small bumps from time to time now. No cysts! Stick with it if your acne is really bad, it will help! I am so thankful for Ao2 clear. Acne was wrecking my confidence and I refuse to get on Accutane. I hope it is sold in stores soon!

— Reese (verified A02 Clear user).

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Patented nanotechnology

Clean, vegan & cruelty-free

Dermatologist recommended

Patented technology

Clean, vegan & cruelty-free

Dermatologist recommended

Two flawless ingredients are all you need.

Two flawless ingredients are all you need.

A02 Clear Results in just 8 Weeks

Experience relief with the cleanest acne treatment on earth


Our revolutionary technology uses distilled water to saturate your skin with concentrated oxygen nanobubbles that are 1000x smaller than the diameter of your pores. The nanobubbles deliver pure oxygen to destroy acne-causing anaerobic bacteria in your pores. You get acne relief without the need for artificial ingredients or drying side effects typical of most acne treatments.

Perfect for:

  • Hormonal acne in women
  • Acne on sensitive skin that can’t tolerate traditional treatments
  • Adolescent acne that never fully went away in adulthood
  • Clean skincare enthusiasts seeking acne relief that’s free of synthetics and harsh chemicals

How-to-use FAQs

Is AO2 Clear safe for everyone?

Yes. AO2 Clear is completely safe for all people and all skin types. It’s even safe to use while pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive.

What results can I expect to see on my skin?

With consistent use your skin should be clearer, more hydrated, evenly textured, brighter, and overall healthier and better nourished. You should not experience the drying or irritation that accompanies many traditional acne products like Retin-A.

What side effects are associated with AO2 Clear?

Because AO2 Clear is only oxygen and distilled water, there is no potential for irritation or other adverse reactions.

How often should I use AO2 Clear?

We recommend using it twice daily after washing and drying your face with a mild cleanser. Each pouch is measured to provide 18 applications, twice daily for two weeks.

How long before I see results?

If using AO2 Clear consistently twice daily, you should start to see improvement within the first two weeks. Because oxygen acts as a natural antibacterial against the specific bacteria that causes acne inflammation the preventative benefits act cumulatively—the longer you use the product, the more benefit you can expect to see—clarity, hydration, and even texture.

Do I have to give up my existing skin care routine to use AO2 Clear?

Nope! Because AO2 Clear is a unique and hyper clean product it fits right into your existing routine, whether that’s cleanse and go a multi-step regimen. Start with your favorite cleanser, then apply AO2 Clear and allow the solution to air dry. Don’t be afraid of a few drips, it will dry quickly and your face won’t be wet long. After that you can apply whatever creams or serums you like. 



Acne relief portraits

 – Perla

 – Steve

 – Jenny

"Hands down one of the best acne/compromised skin products that I’ve used in a very long time. Works immediately to tackle the problem."   

Eva Simmons – O’Brien., MD

"Hands down one of the best acne/compromised skin products that I’ve used in a very long time. Works immediately to tackle the problem."

-Eva Simmons – O’Brien., MD

Dr. Hanft’s advice: “Just add AO2 Clear to your existing routine.”

Whether you wash and go or have a multistep skin care regimen, all you need to do is apply AO2 Clear after cleansing and allow to dry. Just like our ingredient list, AO2 Clear is simple, clean, and ideal for all skin types.

Skin types that can benefit from AO2 CLEAR

    • Hormonal acne
    • Teenage acne
    • Dry skin
    • Sensitive skin

1 review for AO2 Clear 30 Day Supply + 10 Travel Packs

  1. Shari

    This product is amazing! I have PCOS and have struggle with hormonal acne my entire life. The excess hair growth that comes with PCOS also caused severe hyperpigmentation. I’ve tried many products but was never consistent enough to see any improvements. After the first use I could literally feel and see the difference! My skin was softer, new acne that was developing seemed to be healing just like that! My hyperpigmentation has lightened up drastically! I’ve used A20 for 2 months now and it has been the best addition to my skin care routine. It is so simple to use which encourages me to stay consistent.

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